Have you ever trace a log file of your director application? It is very useful if you want to debug your application or “steal” other’s application code. TraceLogFile is not only can be applied in director movie, it can be created as an external .ini file to trace the global variable, values and script that ran by the application.

How to create an internal Tracelogfile
_movie.traceLogFile = _movie.path & “Trace.txt”

How to create an external Tracelogfile

In your notepad type this,

on startup
the tracelogfile = “Trace.txt”
the trace = true

then save it as *.ini (eg. Lingo.ini)

After that, put it at the same path with the projector.exe. After the director application is closed, a Trace.txt that recorded down all the global variable, values and script will be generated.

Stop Tracing My Application!
To prevent people from reverse engineer your application or “code stealing”, add this script in your director movie.

on startmovie
the traceLogFile = EMPTY
the traceLoad =0

*If you know any other methods to read/debug the code, please kindly share it with me.

the tracelogfile = “Trace.txt”
the trace = true

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