Traslate A Web Page with Window Live Translator

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Window Live Translator is a free online translation service for a truly world-wide web. User can either translate text up to 500 words or translate a website.

Translate Text

Translate Text

Text is translated by computer software automatically. Computer-related texts are translated by Microsoft’s own state-of-the-art statistical machine translation technology which has been trained on large amounts of computer-related data.

Translate a web page

Translate a webpage

Click the image to enlarge or click here for this result page.

Window Live Translator is able to translate an entire web page for you. Html and text are supported.

Languages Supported

Languages Supported

Microsoft’s own translation system is used for translation from English into: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Japanese. Other languages are translated using software from Systran.

Add the web page Translator to your site

Besides that, Window Live Translator allows users to add the web page Translator to website.

Try this Translator to translate :grin:

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One Response to Traslate A Web Page with Window Live Translator

  1. Jane Duyan says:

    Translating a webpage using this tool isn’t a good choice I think. How would you know if it was translated correctly? Or if the correct sense/meaning is still there? Maybe it’s really much better to hire a translator?

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