Tricks on Gmail Search You Should At Least Know

It’s frustrating to scroll through hundreds of email trying to search for a specific one in Gmail.

If you have thousand of mail, just typing in the words and search usually can’t help you much but only shorten the list. With a few more search words used, you will be able to find the EXACT email message you’re looking for, without scrolling and read all the unmemorable titles one by one.

The tricks to perform a better Gmail search

  • Searching for a link from sender – from:SenderName http
  • Searching for a mail with attachment - from:SenderName has:attachment
  • All messages from a sender that don’t contain a keyword - SenderName-Keyword
  • Searching unread messages in Inbox – to:me is:unread in:inbox
  • Searching for a particular subject - subject:SubjectName
  • Searching for a sent message between a period - to:ReceiverName after:2008/4/1 before:2008/5/1

If remembering operators isn’t really your thing, try to perform a better Gmail search in “Show search options”.

It would ease your burden too. Cool

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