Turn Your Desktop Into 3D Playground With Shock Desktop 3D


Feel bored of what your desktop looked like? Here’s a fun application that can turn your desktop into a 3D playground by changing your desktop icons into 3D cubes which can be interacted.

Shock Desktop 3D is a fresh and engaging new method to have fun with your windows desktop. With Shock Desktop 3D, you can drag and throw your desktop icons to hit each other or build a puzzle with your desktop 3D icons. Everything motion is calculated, thus, it looks pretty cool and real for every action.


Besides, Shock Desktop 3D allows you to customize the size and shape of your desktop icons. I would say that Shock Desktop 3D is a perfect time killer. So if you’re having a boring weekend, try Shock Desktop 3D and have fun with it. :)

Here’s a video demonstrates how Shock Desktop 3D works on your desktop.

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One Response to Turn Your Desktop Into 3D Playground With Shock Desktop 3D

  1. nerudo says:

    thanks for the post. I downloaded the software installed it on my Pc it did show but I guess its in conflict with Fences which I installed. However Im failing to remove it how can I unistall it please help.

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