Upcoming Gmail Features [Screenshots]

gmailNews from CNET, part of Gmail users are now able to beta testing the upcoming features for next generation of Gmail. Full list after jump.


New features consist:

  1. Quick Links – access to any bookmarkable URL with 1-click.
  2. Superstars – adds additional star icons.
  3. Pictures in chat – Chat with your friends whenever you see their profile pictures.
  4. Fixed width font – View a message in fixed width font.
  5. Custom Keyboard shortcuts – Lets you customize keyboard shortcut mappings.
  6. Mouse gestures – Use your mouse to navigate with gestures.
  7. Signature tweaks – Places your signature before the quoted text in a reply.
  8. Random signature – Rotates among random quotations for your email signature.
  9. Custom date formats – Able to custom date and time format.
  10. Muzzle – Hide your friends’ status message.
  11. Old Snakey – Play a game of snake!
  12. Email Addict – Lets you take a break from email.
  13. Hide Unread Counts – Hides the unread counts for inbox, labels and etc.



Click to enlarge

Which one you think is the most applicable feature? :smile:

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