View A Font Type Easily With AMP Font Viewer

It’s always tedious and frustrating when searching high and low for a particular font to match a design. Windows itself does not have a proper font viewer and it takes us a lot of times to go through all the fonts in authoring program just for a single matching font.


With AMP Font Viewer, you can easily search and view a font type on the fly. AMP Font Viewer is a powerful font manager that lets you to have a quick overview of both installed and non-installed fonts.

AMP Font Viewer also allows you to install and uninstall fonts, and organize them in categories for easier searching in future. All installed fonts can be listed with several display options too.

User can export the list of categories to a folder and copy the files associated with an installed font file to a folder too.

AMP Font Viewer installer only takes 522KB. Download it now!

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