Watch Me Change(18sx)

I found this funny shockwave based website in cool set of shockwave links by Deat Utian. This website is something really funny(and you can watch “someone” is changing while dancing). :D

Here’s what you can do and see in the website.
Watch me change
(Select a gender. I selected a girl, you won’t blame me right?)

Watch me change
(Set the weight, chest, age and skin tone.)

Watch me change
(More setting on face.)

Watch me change
(Get dressed before you want it to be taken off.)

Watch me change
(Music in + dancing)

Watch me change
(Opps…bottoms off)

Watch me change
(Bottoms off + Breaking dance)

Watch me change
(This is rocks!)

Watch me change
(The real striptease show.)

Visit Watch Me Change to set your own avatar and watch him/her changes now!
(I like the background music as well. :D )

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