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Yahoo Shine
Yahoo is thoughtful enough to create a website especially for ladies. Yahoo Shine is mainly focus on contents from famous female bloggers and girlish informations.

We women are presently experiencing something very cool happening in our culture and shine intends on being a part of it. We’ve got a woman campaigning for the top job in the country, female bloggers now outnumber men, and we’ve got Tina Fey writing a hit network show for goodness sakes.

One of the reason for Yahoo to run Yahoo Shine is mostly because of its monthly 40 millions ++ women visitors. By having this site, it could be the best place to gather women and let them share their thoughts or form a women community.

Yahoo Shine has all the ladies needed contents such as entertainment, healthy living, fashion+beauty, food, love+sex, parenting and etc.

Tip: If you’re a guy and would like to know what a girl likes, Yahoo Shinemight able to provide some ideas for you to have “similar” topics to chat with your favorite girl. :twisted:

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