What is Linux and How to Install Linux

Linux is one of the first operating system which was developed by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish Software Developer. The first Linux Kernel was released in 1991. The latest Linux version is 11.04(beta) which was released on 28 April 2011. The Android OS is a Linux Kernel based which is not known by many of us.

Usage of the Operating System May 2011


Yes , there are other operating system such as Mac os X and Ubuntu . Linux is part of an open source operating system developed by the Ubuntu. Linux runs from its Linux kernel similar to PC-DOS OS used in the early era of personal computers.

Current Minimum Requirements

Servers Desktop
Processor x86 with the i686 instruction set 300 MHz 1GHz
Memory(RAM) 128MB 348MB
Hard Disk (free space) 1 GB 5GB

Why Linux?

Linux has been the most lightest OS on the market at the moment. The start up speed, shut down speed and multiple applications speed are remarkable. Furthermore, Linux is a virus/worm free platform due to the nature of viruses/worm are created to harm windows system files and corrupt FAT32 and NTFS partition. One of the most important thing is that LINUX is FREE!!! Yes, anyone can use them and there is no license key needed for it.

How to Install Linux Dual Boot with Windows 7

  1. I am using Linux 11.04. You may download the iso files from this link. For torrent lovers here is the link.

  2. It is an .iso formatted file burn it to a disc or if you want to use the pendrive as the installation device instead of a CD u may download the applications from this link.

  3. Once you have completed the burning or extraction process, you may reboot the computer with the CD/Pendrive connected to it.

  4. Once you have restart , make sure to see the bios screen if there is anything written as SETUP or Select boot device. In my case it is F12. Make sure you press the key/change the settings and enable the boot from the installation device . *Subject to change according the computer.

  5. Press Enter when the options appear. ( Run Ubuntu from this USB/CD)

  6. Once the loading completed the linux desktop will appear.

  7. Select the Install Ubuntu 11.04 icon on the desktop.

  8. Select the language and click Forward .

  9. Select the options needed and click Forward

  10. You may choose where your PC want to be a dual booting system or a single booting system. Dual boot here refers to the user may switch platforms from linux to windows or the other way round. I choose mine to be a dual booting system .The last option below will make your able to customize your partition in the storage device. Click Forword.

  11. User may adjust the partition size of their hard drive by pulling the center of two partition (refer to the picture above). Click install now.It will take a while to resize the partition.

  12. Select the country (type there Kuala Lumpur instead of New York).Click Forward.

  13. Make sure the keyboard layout is USA. Click Forward.

  14. Almost done here, Fill up the Username and Password . Click Forward.

  15. Click restart now or continue testing .

  16. If you click continue testing and fail to find the shut down switch just press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

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