WidgetBucks Ads Can’t Be Shown & International CPM Ads Launched

Update: WidgetBucks ads is successful displayed in my site now. But due to its loading problem, I have removed it again and placed it another site. 

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

Last week, I removed WidgetBucks from this blog due to its slow loading and effectiveless (I got over 2000 impressions but yet I got any money. :cry: ). Sometimes, it even caused my browser hanged for 2-3 seconds for loading WidgetBucks ads.

WidgetBucks International CPM Ads Launched

Just the day after I removed WidgetBucks, they announced that they have successfully launched International CPM ads to be included in their Widgets.

Our system will do the geo-location for you, determining where the visitor is coming from. Then we’ll either show the regular pay-per-click widget (to visitors from the U.S. and Canada) or show an ad that pays per impression (to visitors from other countries).

It means now I can generate income from WidgetBucks even no one from the U.S. and Canada click the ads (normally for image ads, click rate is extremely low). Therefore I decided to give it another try and see how much money can be generated per 1000 impression.

WidgetBucks Ads Can’t Be Shown

I did follow their instruction to log into my account and re-copy the Widget html code and paste it on my site. However, the WidgetBucks ads can’t be shown at all in my site. I’ve double checked my code and settings, everything is fine. Nuffnang ads and Advertlets ads are displaying perfectly but not WidgetBucks ads.


So far, there’s no solution out there. I just sent an email to their support team. Hopefully can get their reply within 24 hours. By the way, it’s quite troublesome to contact their support team as we need to register for a new account to submit a question. :roll:

Are you using WidgetBucks Ads as well? Share your experience with us.

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  2. i have also placed widgetbucks code on my site but i don’t see any ad there if any one knows about it and solver this problem please help me in this regard.

  3. Gerald says:

    you cant see your own ads but other people can see your ads.

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